What do the different groups on NSE and BSE mean?


Scrip GroupCategory
EQEquity Shares Regular, Rolling Settlement, Intraday allowed
BEEquity Shares excluded from EQ series and traded as Trade for Trade settlement, No intraday allowed, only delivery trades to take place
BTLimited Physical Market, physical shares < 500, Odd lot market, for securities which are compulsory to be dematerialized, Trade for Trade Settlement
BLBlock Trading, Trading of EQ series shares in large quantity, min 5 lakh shares or min 5 crore rupees
ILInter Foreign Institutional Investors (inter FII) meant for only securities in which maximum FII ceiling limit is reached, limit usually ranges from 18% to 28%, Rolling Settlement, pre-arranged buyer and seller
IQQualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFI) meant only for securities which are in caution list of foreign investment where FII limit > 8% of equity capital and up to the ceiling limit, Rolling Settlement, pre-arranged buyer and seller
MFMutual Funds which are listed in the exchange
DRIndian Depository Receipts, Rolling Settlement
DEIndian Depository Receipts, Trade for Trade Settlement
EPartly paid equity shares, Rolling Settlement
XPartly paid equity shares, Trade for Settlement
PNon-convertible preference shares, Rolling Settlement
ONon-convertible preference shares, Trade for Trade Settlement
QFully convertible preference shares, Rolling Settlement
FFully convertible preference shares, Trade for Trade Settlement
N, YNon-convertible debt instruments, Rolling settlement
U, MNon-convertible debt instruments, Trade for Trade settlement
DFully convertible debt instruments, Rolling Settlement
SFully convertible debt instruments, Trade for Trade Settlement
WConvertible warrants, Rolling settlement
KConvertible warrants, Trade for Trade settlement
H1~N1Corporate Bonds


BSE categorises the Equity segment into 'A', 'B', 'T' & 'Z' categories where:

  • A group contains the list of the most popular stocks. Stocks that are actively traded.
  • Z group consists of Equity stocks that are blacklisted for not following Exchange rules & regulations or has pending investor complaints or any such reason.
  • T group consists of stocks that form part of the Trade to trade segment. Trade for Trade segment is a segment on which no intraday trading is allowed. All trades result in delivery.
  • B category includes stocks that don't form part of any of the above Equity groups.

Additionally BSE also has the F group which denotes the Debt market segment.

  • M/MT group consist of stocks forming part of BSE's SME (Small & Medium enterprise)
  • G group consists of Government securities available for retail investors.
  • I group consists of Interest rate underlying.
  • E group consisting of Exchange Traded Funds